About me.

I'm a British freelance writer currently based in Los Angeles and specialising in culture and lifestyle. I’m a Contributing Editor at Marie Claire UK (who's on the front cover? That's down to me) and have written profile interviews and features for The Guardian, Stylist, Evening Standard magazine, The Telegraph and Cosmopolitan among others.

I was previously Entertainment Editor of Marie Claire, and I’ve worked as a Commissioning Editor for both Guardian Weekend and The Observer Magazine. I started out as a Features Writer at TV Times and as a regular contributor to Dazed & Confused which sort of sums me up; my tastes sit somewhere in the middle! I love interviewing everyone from the talent of tomorrow (Lena Dunham, when she was just a wee nipper) to A-list cover stars. From the utterly delightful (Kate Winslet), to the downright awks (no comment). Always with integrity, and hopefully a few lols.

On an entirely different note, I'm currently writing a blog about my personal experience of grief here