About me.

I'm a British freelance writer and editor currently based in Los Angeles and specialising in culture and lifestyle. I have written cover stories, profile interviews and features for a variety of publications from The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Evening Standard to Marie Claire UK, Stylist and Red.

I was previously Entertainment Editor of Marie Claire UK, and I’ve worked as a Commissioning Editor for both Guardian Weekend and The Observer Magazine. I started out as a Features Writer at TV Times and as a regular contributor to Dazed & Confused which sort of sums me up; my tastes sit somewhere in the middle! I love interviewing everyone from the talent of tomorrow (Lena Dunham, when she was just a wee nipper) to A-list cover stars. From the utterly delightful (Kate Winslet), to the downright awks (no comment). Always with integrity, and hopefully a few lols.

On an entirely different note, I'm currently writing a blog about my personal experience of grief here